Why women swear more than men while driving?

As indicated by another study by Direct Line auto protection, ladies are more probable than men to swear while driving.

Almost 50% of all ladies – 48% – confess to reviling in the driver’s seat. Just 40% of men do. (My take: Women are recently more legit, and less men concede that they do swear!)

Here are the five things well on the way to make us swear:

#1.) The GPS: 55% of individuals who utilize one say they’ve sworn at it.

#2.) Getting cut off by another driver.

#3.) People who don’t utilize their turn flag when turning or switching to another lane.

#4.) People who chat on their wireless while driving.

#5.) Someone driving moderate in the fast track. This is the main thing that men will probably swear at than ladies. 15% of men said it, while just 7% of ladies did.

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